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Well, I'm always keen to imagine where else design might make a difference

It's 2024, yet, there are still countless worthy problems to solve. Here are a few things on my bucket list that keep me up at night... What about you?

Future-proof Planet

Foster a safe, desirable place for our kids and grandkids to look forward to

— and their kids, and their kids, and their kids, ... —

In this world of abundance, how might regenerative products and business models replenish our planet's beauty? What if it were easy to do the 'right' thing?

Consumer choice

Fix the train travel experience in Germany

Even though Germans are known for being always on time, German trains are not. In fact, their failure to operate reliably or offer decent customer service are one of the most ridiculed societal flaws!
Time for change.

Livable streets

Design urban infrastructure for people, not vehicles

100+ years ago, the car introduced a change in our urban systems that we've forgotten to challenge. For the planet and our own wellbeing, why don't we reimagine right of way for walking in the rain, sidewalks for the experience of going for a walk as a family, and urban safety to protect the most vulnerable?

Smart Logistics

Fix the absurdity of logistics

— working conditions, emissions, inefficiencies,... —

Ever seen a pizza be delivered by car rather than bike? Ever gotten an item shipped cross-country, when an identical item could have been shipped from the store next door? I know you have. But shouldn't.

Modern education

Update school systems for the digital age

— or why not design a new school system altogether —

Imagine a world where you felt good about your kid in school, knowing that's where they can nourish their aspirations, capabilities and interests. What if learning was as fun as play? As customised and responsive as digital consumer experiences?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.